KaPhunga  Nazarene Clinics


The Clinic is situated at Hhomentini area, one of the Khubuta Inkhundla community under the Shiselweni Region. It is approximately 5 km away from kaPhunga Police station, 2 km from kaPhunga Primary and High School.


The Catchment Area

·       Hhomentini

·       Mpumakudze

·       Nhlalabantu

·       Bugeleni

·       Dvumbe

·       Sikhonkwaneni

·       Esimoyini

·       Ndabeni

·       Eposini

·       Ndikisombo

·       Ekuhluphekeni

·       Mjweni

Mission Statement

The mission of kaPhunga Nazarene Clinic is consistent with the Swaziland Nazarene Health Institutions. The clinic seeks to improve the Health status of all men, women and children who require treatment.

This will be achieved through the provision of high quality preventing, promotive, curative and rehabilitative care inline with the National  Health Policy of the ministry of Health.

Vision Statement

By the end of December 2014 Phunga Nazarene Clinic will be providing high standard of care in health delivery.




·       To prevent illness and promote health through health education.

·       To provide curative measures to all our clients.

·       To provide Health services to all our clients equally and fairly regardless of their social status.

·       To provide material and child health services.

·       To provide family planning methods to all those who need them.

·       To provide post natal care to all women at post natal visits.

·       To provide HTC  to all clients who accept the test.

·       To do home visits to all chronically ill patients.

·       To ensure that the PMTCT programme is a success.

·       To improve ART initiations and preART enrollment.

·       To do refills for ART.

·       To screen all patients for TB and give treatment to those with positive results.

·       To refer all patients who need further management to hospital immediately.

·       To conduct emergency deliveries.

·       To ensure that support group is a success

·       To assess the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of clients, their families and or significant others so to provide optimal care.

·       To ensure that QI projects are a success and ongoing.


Services providing by the clinics

1.     Arative

2.     Antenatal Care

3.     Family Planning

4.     Growth Monitoring of under 5’s

5.     Immunization

6.     Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT)

7.     HTC

8.     ART initiation and refills

9.     TB initiation and refills

10.  Provision of Health education

11.  Post natal care

12.  Emergency deliveries

13.  Home visits.