.Mshingishingini Nazarene Clinic


Mshingishingini Nazarene Clinic is one of the oldest Nazarene among the seventeen (17) Nazarene Clinics. It is located in the northern Hhohho region. It has a catchment population of 227 199. It covers areas like Mgobodzi, Vusweni, Mbasheni, Hhelehhele, Pigg’s Peak Casino and Ntfonjeni.

It provides curative, antenatal (PMTCT included) Child welfare, pre-ART and ART initiation and refill. We are still struggling to have much bigger and up to standard clinic so that we can provide other services e.g. TB treatment initiation and refill.

Mission Statement

As a Christian-based health institution under Swaziland Nazarene Health Institutions we strive to provide holistic , comprehensive community health services that comprises of spiritual, physical, psychosocial, emotional clinical care to our population to promote health and wellbeing to all individuals, communities through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative clinical care.

Vision Statement

By 2022, Mshingishingini Nazarene Clinic shall have a new well-consrtucted clinic and be providing all clinical services- hence all staff expertise will be put into good use.


Our main objective is to reach to all individuals families and communities to:

·       Provide holistic preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care services.

·       Collaboratively work with all stakeholders to Manzini health and stability to the population we serve