Ndvwabangeni Nazarene Clinic




Ndvwabangeni Nazarene Clinic is situated inthe Hhohho region of the Kingdom of Swaziland under MhIangatane Inkhundla and Ndvwabangeni RoyalKraal. It is next to the borderline dividing South Africa and Swaziland, next to the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. It started operating in the community in 1998 and it is the busiest of the Nazarene clinics with a catchment population of ±25000.




 To increase the proportion of the population with access to primary health care services which are accountable for the planned provision of comprehensive services to a defined population.

·       To increase the emphasis on health promotion, disease and injury prevention and management of acute and some chronic diseases.

·       To improve access to all health care services.

·       To improve the health of the population.

·       To improve the quality of health care services offered.

·       To improve customer care to all clients under our care.




To provide access to high quality and comprehensive care delivered by a team of competent health professionals that meet the needs of patients, their families irrespective of age, race, gender, ethnic group in and outside the community catchment area.




The clinic currently has nine (9) staff members comprising of five (5) Staff Nurses, One (1)

Clinic Maid, Two (2) Expert Clients from iCAP Organization and One (1) Mentor Mother from Mothers to Mothers Organization.