The name Sigcaweni means (bare) empty place.  This place was only a big farm with no homesteads at all.  The farm belongs to Mr. Cobert a white man.


People started to come and build their homes though few.  These few people attended Nazarene Church services being led by the whites from RFM Manzini,  under a tree.  The attendance increased gradually and it was the residents idear to request for a church to be built.  They requested from Dvokodvweni Inkhundla  with a failure.


The church services continued under a tree until the Sigcaweni residents requested Mr. Cobert to build a church for them.  He (Mr. Cobert) requested on the residents behalf from the whites from RFM (Dr. Hynd) to build the church at Sigcaweni.  They agreed but emphasized that a church can only be built together with the school and clinic as these go together.


Building of the clinic was further requested by Mr. Cobert because there were a lot of snakes at Sigcaweni, if a resident was bitten by a snake no matter what hour of the day or night Mr. Cobert was called to take the patient to Good Shepard or RFM Hospital. 


All these requests were successful, the clinic and the church started to function in 1966 and were officially opened by Doctor and Mrs. Gene Bosca on the 29th October, 1966.  The school started to operate in 1969.  Mrs .Reginah Masondo was the first clinic maid to work at Sigcaweni  clinic in 1967and she is the one who provided all the information about  this clinic.  However she could not remember the exactly time when the following nurses were in charge, but they are outlined in sequence.



Make Mrs. Mdluli LaDlamini opened the clinic in 1996 followed by Sister Masilela who was later married and became Sr. Malambe (Mrs. Malambe).  Miss Martha Magongo, who became Mrs. Zubuko – Sr. Zubuko then followed although she is now late (may her soul rest in peace).  Next was Mrs. Zindela  who was Miss. Ndwandwe, followed by Gugu Mbhamali, who was followed by Miss Mkwanazi – Mrs. Ndzimandze (Sr. Ndzimandze).  Sr. Zubuko (the late) was incharge and finally retired  in February, 2007.  Nurse Dube took over and is the one who is still incharge to date.


The funds for building this clinic where from RFM and from donors through RFM.  Houw ever building of the second nurses house was done by the Chinese donor who also build the Sigcaweni Primary school teacher’s houses/  not forgetting the local community through the clinic committee who took active part time in the building of the Nurses houses.



In 2004 building of the second nurses house was completed.  In June 2007 October electrification of the clinic and nurses houses was completed.  In June, 2008 the staff toilet was constructed (pit latrine).


The Government assist the clinic with drugs and equipment supply.  As for the statistics of the clinic, a copy of monthly statistics for the month of December, 2008 has been attached.  However figures were a bit higher than this and a bit lower than this in other months.


Material supply has been going on well although sometimes some items are out of stock or there is delay in the supply due to change in disease pattern and impact, then more personnel may be needed for this clinic.  Due to the afore mentioned problems complied with economical problem, the statistics will continue gradually.


Spiritual services include prayer and bible sharing with patients on Mondays and Thursdays morning by our Local Pastor.  Current there are no re-creational activities at our clinic though a support group is in our plans for 2009.  Community activities include home based care with the assistance of local NGO,s like World Vision.