The RFM ICU & Renal Unit are equipped with the best of equipment in the 21st century. It is believed that this equipment will improve healthcare delivery to the nation. In the past few weeks, all ICU & Renal Unit staff members, as well as other cadres of the healthcare team had an opportunity to undergo training on various equipment.

·         The Fresenius 5008S dialysis machine from Fresenius Medical Care is an advanced dialysis machine. It offers both haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration. Haemodiafiltration being the better choice involves osmosis, diffusion, haemofiltration and convection in elimination of waste products from the blood, resulting in a higher clearance rate.

·         Cardiac monitors and the central monitor by Schiller will be used in close monitoring of patients. The central monitor captures data from all the cardiac monitors and allows healthcare providers to monitor all patients on one screen.

·         The Hamilton C2 mechanical ventilator is an intelligent ventilator. It has an additional mode of ventilation known as the ASV (Adaptive Supportive Ventilation) mode. This mode assesses the patient and automatically renders the ventilatory support required by the patient. It is portable and has a battery life of 4-6hrs.

·         B/Braun fluid pumps are advanced pumps that can be used to administer all types of fluid i.e. colloids, crystalloids, blood and blood products, enteral feeds, medications and TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition). They come with different types of administration sets for the different types of fluid.

·          The pneumatic mattress is a special kind of mattress. It has individual cells that inflate and deflate alternately, relieving pressure on pressure points to minimise pressure sores. Three cells at the head-end of the mattress remain inflated to support the patient’s head.

·         The 3-piece ICU bed was also demonstrated. The base of this bed has three mobile segments that are adjustable to different angles so as to attain different nursing positions. It also tilts sideways to assist in turning patients to lateral positions.

·         A representative from Roche came to present on the Cobas b 123 Blood Gas Analyser. It will play a vital role in patient assessment and thereby enhance effective management.

·         We also had training on the ActiBiphasic Defibrillator.  It has 3 special functions i.e. manual defibrillation, ECG monitoring (pacing) and AED (Automated External Defibrillation).

Radiographers, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians and biomedical technicians & engineers also had an input on equipment they will use in their respective practices in ICU/Renal unit. All the trainings were very informative and we each had a chance to practise on the equipment. As more supplies continue to be delivered, we believe that these educative sessions will resume..