This department provides service to out patients at the Mother and Child Health Clinic (MCH), ER and private OPD, as well as in patient services. The in patient areas consist of the gynecology and obstetric wards, labour and delivery rooms, and the post-partum ward. Some women are also admitted to the private ward. The main reasons for admission to the ward are infections such as severe Pelvic Infection Disease (PID), Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI’s), Fibroids, gynecological malignancies, complications of abortions and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s), and for pregnancy complications, for example, pregnancy-induced hypertension and ectopic pregnancies.

The underlying cause of the majority of these infections and pregnancy complications is HIV/AIDS. Another common problem associated with HIV is the increase in numbers of women giving birth prematurely and high rates of post-operative infections. The labour and delivery rooms are the busiest in Swaziland, with an average of 22 babies delivered each day.